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the story behind "gus mcdusty"...

A handful of years ago I hopped on a bicycle and road from Abilene, TX to Bend, OR. Upon this rich journey I stopped in San Francisco where I went on a walking tour. This mini journey was led by a gent of whom played a ukulele and sang funny but informative songs about different historical and current parts of SF.

While on my trip I hoped to rent an office in Downtown Abilene to continue doing Massage Therapy when I returned to Abilene. The Lord had other plans and I continued doing massage in a health food store on South 7th. I am thankful for this because I made wonderful new friends.

Unfortunately that store closed as did that chapter of my life. The new chapter included me renting a space from The Well Church where I began doing Massage Therapy in their building formerly known as The Robert’s Studio in Downtown Abilene.

A cool side note is that after arriving in Oregon, on my bike trip, I worked on a horse ranch for the winter. The owner’s of this ranch are from Abilene and would live stream services from Beltway Park Church in Abilene. One particular Sunday I watched as The Well Church’s Pastor and music director (both from out of town) were being introduced as a new church in Downtown Abilene. This watered the seed of my desire to work in Downtown Abi becuase it was another good thing occurring there.

While doing a massage one day, in my new studio ,the thought dawned on me to do a walking tour of Downtown Abilene as a cowboy poet. This idea, which I think was from The Lord, gave me joy because it would allow me to express different parts of my heart such as: entertaining people with comedy and poetry as I learn and teach about Abilene’s past and present, bring traffic to our wonderful downtown and the businesses “housed” there and love on the homeless and transient folks while “I’m” doing this.

I must admit that I have only been on a horse twice, have never tied a hog, never lassoed anything and honestly don’t know all the grit it takes to be a cowboy. While riding a bicycle out west I did encounter a bear, camped in unfamiliar wilderness on the range, got bit by two pterodactyl sized horse flies, scared off scary dogs all while praying like crazy. This makes me feel a little better about getting suited up as a cowboy because I know that way of life is no easy task.

A very good friend/brother, of whom I minister with, had made friends with a poverty stricken gent of whom dined at Love And Care ministries where my friend worked as security. My buddy asked me to do a poetic telegram (Love Bomb) as a cowboy poet for this lad’s birthday thus spawning this new western character. I did it and we all had a wonderful blast!

This back story is important because I have a heart for the homeless and this particular poverty stricken brother is no longer with us. (and therefore no longer poverty stricken) The cowboy poet has stuck and will now be leading folks on a poetic walking tour of Downtown Abilene. Part of the proceeds of this experience will go towards loving the homeless and transients, building relationships with them and putting them to work on small levels.

Kinda like I am no real deal cowboy I am no homeless person but on my bicycle venture I tasted a smidge of that life. For three months I had no home, wore a long beard and clothes dirty from the road and sometimes relied on the help from the Lord via family, friends or strangers. I got strange looks that I imagine homeless folks received.

It is a joy and an honor to be in hometown Abilene, be part of the community and using the spiritual and creative gifts the Lord has given me. I look forward to serving you, serving with you, being served by you, learning about your gifts and talents and simply having a joy filled blast in our beloved Abilene with you!

My first go at the Role of a Cowboy Poet a handful of years ago! Josh Casey hired me to do a surprise birthday poem (Love Bomb) on the late Jackie Utley.

My first go at the Role of a Cowboy Poet a handful of years ago! Josh Casey hired me to do a surprise birthday poem (Love Bomb) on the late Jackie Utley.